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Erasmus DyStrans OUTPUT n.2

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Intercultural Lab DAD

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Intercultura Lab ( Laboratorio di Intercultura e Cittadinanza Europea)

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Intercultura Lab and Europeana
The activities of the Intercultural laboratory within the Erasmus European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 project will be disseminated within the Europeana Intercultural project DSI -4 promoted by the European Schoolnet in Brussels. 130 teachers have been selected representing as many schools throughout Europe after a specific call, including ours, represented by the writer, who will experiment within their curriculum educational paths related to cultural heritage using materials on the Europeana site, the largest collection relating to the European cultural heritage by implementing them for use by schools, associations, research institutes, foundations, libraries and museums. The experimentation will last for two years, at the end of each of which the work carried out will be assessed by the European Schoolnet of Brussels. This recognition testifies to the value of European Design and the activities of the Interculture Laboratory of Our Institute. The activities of the Interculture laboratory within the Europeana experimentation and in the frame of the Erasmus From Commemoration to the European Construction and European Year of projects. Cultural Heritage 2018 are among the winners of the European Competition 2019.
Intercultura Lab and Teachers Training
Teachers are advised that on 11 and 12 March 2019 our Institute will host some newly recruited teachers for a visiting activity, which is part of the Newly Recruited Training Plan Area 20, with particular regard to laboratory teaching. The teachers, in addition to the observation activities within the Interculture Laboratory and the creative Atelier, will carry out a guided tour of the school structure and learning environments.
Two Teachers Training on Reading Skills and SLD support strategies were carried on , one in 2016 and one in 2019, this last one open to the whole territory. 
Intercultura Lab and Erasmus Plus 11 Erasmus Projects of both school and related associations planned , hosted, organized within the Lab.
Intercultura Lab and eTwinning 6 National quality labels and 5 European Quality Label won by the eTwinning projects carried on within the Lab. The school hosted for two years a National eTwinning Ambassadress for Sicily.
Intercultura Lab  activities presented for 5 times to the International Conference on Innovation in Language Learning and the Future of Education-Presentation of the M & ICT LAB as a successful inclusive methodology 
Bibliography at this Link pubblicazioni laboratorio intercultura

The referent teacher 
Mrs Emanuela Leto





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erasmus ka2

With the Last 5 Erasmus KA2 Projects approved our School testifies the success of 11 Years of European Project planning and 12 LLP/Erasmus projects approved. Most of them have received recognizion of quality and value by European and National Agencies as best practices.

The referent teachers

Emanuela Leto

Cettina Surdi