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How to reach our school

Teaching method



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The school

The school is situated in the residential part of the city of Carini, near the sicilian chief town, Palermo.

Laura Lanza comprehensive school includes a nursery-school, a primary and a secondary level.

In This page you can have information on:

  • teaching organization
  • primary school
  • secondary school
  • buildings structure
  • timetable

Nursery school

It hosts children aged from 4 to 6

Primary school (from 6 )

  • first year (year 1)
  • 1° two years(years 2 and 3)
  • 2° two years(years 4 and 5)

Secondary School

  • two-years (year 1 e 2)
  • one year (year 3)

Primary school

The week timetable consists in 18 hours attended by a main teacher with the help of two specialized teachers for P.E. and foreign language (english).

The year 4 and 5 have a modular organization ( three teachers on two classes or four on three classes, a religion teacher, a foreign language teacher) in order to prepare the students to the following course of the educational system.

Secondary school

It is divided into vocational sections:

  • SOCRATE PITAGORA classical scientific pedagogic
  • MUNARI artistic
  • GRAND TOUR tourist-linguistic
  • CARDANO technical
  • FLORIO professional

The students have the same formative offer until the end of the second year. In the third year they attend different labs, study in depth different additional subjects and take part to different guided tours according to the section they chose.

The school are located in two buildings, one is in via Prano, for the secondary and the last year of the primary. The other just in front, for the nursery (called "Ninni Cassarā" nursery school) and the primary.

In the school there are

  • two indoor gyms
  • playing-field
  • auditorium
  • open theatre
  • teachers room
  • two mediarooms
  • technical and scientific lab
  • music and video lab
  • disabled students lab
  • library
  • art workshop
  • EcoCenter (in progress)

Weekly timetable

Nursery school timetable consists of 25 hours in five days (Saturday free). Primary school (year 1) timetable can consist of 24, 27 or 30 hours a week according to the parents'options. Primary school (year 2, 3, 4 and 5) and secondary school timetable consists of 27 hours plus 3 lab hours in five days (8-14) from Monday to Friday.

Addresses and useful numbers

Central building
address: via A. Prano n. 72/74 - 90044 - Carini (PA)
secretariat telephone: 00390918661056 - 00390918689684
secretary telephone: 00390918680933
headteacher fax (DS): 00390918580917
e-mail 1: paic861009@istruzione.it
e-mail 2: lauralanza@interfree.it
codice meccanografico: PAIC861009
codice fiscale: 80056780820

Detached building
address: via A. Prano n. 68/70
telephone: 00390918661254

“Ninni Cassarā” building
address: via Don Luigi Sturzo
telephone: 00390918815546

"Via Lombardia" building
address: via Lombardia
telephone: 00390918815646

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