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How to reach our school

This page is under construction and contains a summary of the Italian website contents. Many links refer to the Italian site pages.

Carini is a village 25 kms far from Palermo, in Sicily.

You can reach our school easily:

  • by car: motorway A29/E90 (about 7 kms far from Carini exit)
  • by plane: airport "Falcone e Borsellino" (about 17 km distance)
  • by train: Carini station (about 1,2 km distance) taking Palermo-Trapani rail-way

By car directions:

  • take the motorway A29/E90Palermo-Mazara del Vallo
  • leave the motorway at "Carini" exit
  • at the end of it (opposite to "Johnnie Walker" snack bar) turn left Don Luigi Sturzo road and go straight 3,3 km
  • approaching the industrial area you have to make a detour, due to a road up, turning on the right, to Don Milani street (going straight 300 ms) and then turn left Galileo Galilei street (going straght about 800 ms)
  • at the end of Galileo Galilei street turn right to come back to Don Luigi Sturzo road
  • go straight on about 1,5 km
  • turn right Antonello da Messina street and go on about 300 metres
  • turn right Rocco Chinnici street
  • after 80 metres,turn left Antonio Prano street
  • at number 72, on the left, you can find the detached building hosting primary school
  • at number 74, following on the left, you can find the main building hosting the headteacher room, the secretary room, the last courses of primary school and the secondary school.

By plane directions:

  • there is a train shuttle connecting the airport to Carini railway station.

By train directions:

Stop at Carini railway station taking the line Palermo-Trapani and then follow this route:

  • from the station way-out turn left leaving Station Square (Piazza Stazione) towards Corso Italia for about 100 metres
  • turn right to get to Corso Italia and go on about 400 metres
  • turn left Don Pietro Migliore street going straight 550 metres
  • turn right Mariano Gambino street going straight 100 metres
  • turn left Antonio Prano street
  • 50 metres after you can find number 74, the main entrance of the Central Building (on the right).

(Translation edited by Professor Emanuela Leto)

Latest updates: 13/01/2011

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